What is Ménage?

Ménage is a community where open-minded adults come for safe, sane and consentual play, and to learn and fulfill fantasies! In addition to our monthly parties, we are proud to sponsor seminars, workshops, guest speakers, Lifestyle and Kink-friendly relationship and life coaching. Ménage is also available for private short and longer-term rentals for your own play, parties or special events.

Who can attend Ménage events?

Couples and singles of all genders may attend. Singles must be accompanied, which means that you must know and be accompanied by someone else who is attending. Whether you’re a couple or a single, or a group, you’re accepting responsibility for one another’s behaviour, and arrive/leave together. Workshops and seminars are open to all genders and all singles and couples unless otherwise noted. Everyone must be a member, the cost of which is built into your event admission.

Why aren't single men allowed?

Men are allowed, as a guest of a Member Couple or Member Single Woman. Ménage is a fantasy club. And a place where women should feel safe, both physically and emotionally, and feel empowered to pursue their fantasies. Couples share this desire. When single men are allowed in to Lifestyle events, unless there is a specific purpose, they run the risk of ruining a good thing: women and couples don’t want to be overrun by men they’ve never met. Any female online dater will tell you that’s one of the most offensive parts about the experience. If a couple or lady wants a single man to join them, they’ll select him and bring him to the event. If a couple or woman has a different fantasy they want help fulfilling, Ménage can help make those dreams come true.

How busy are the events?

Ménage is intended as an intimate affair. The capacity for monthly parties is up to 25 couples, and the capacity for seminars and workshops varies depending on topic – usually 15-30 people for optimal learning experiences.

We strongly encourage you to buy your tickets in advance. Members who do so are guaranteed admission. Our events fill up very quickly and we do not want you to be disappointed because we have a capacity limit. Special events, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Years parties will fill up well in advance.

Do we have to buy tickets online?

No tickets are available at the door unless noted on the event page. All tickets must be bought in advance because space is limited at some events. You can find tickets on each event page, via the calendar. Also, membership is part of your ticket price. You will need to agree to those terms of membership as part of the purchase process.

What should we wear?

As the saying goes, “dress to impress”. Gentlemen, no ripped jeans, t-shirts or ball caps – make your partner proud. Ladies, you’ll look sexy when you feel sexy so wear what makes you feel comfortable, vibrant and sensual.

Do you sell alcohol, or should we bring our own?

We do not sell or otherwise provide alcohol, nor are we licensed to do so. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own. We offer all the standard soda mixes, ice and a non-alcoholic punch at our events, as well as hot midnight hors d’oeuvres. Remember that consent is best given sober.

Can we play onsite, or are there hotels close by?


Ménage is an on-premise playground, so people could be having sex around you.

In the event you like more privacy, or you want to continue the party after we close, you can either go to a nearby hotel, or rent the play suite for the night. There are a wide range of hotels in Motel Village (don’t let the name fool you, the price range and quality covers the whole spectrum), and there are two great quality hotels across from Canada Olympic Park : a Sheraton and a Sandman. Both Motel Village and the COP hotels are less than a 10 minute drive away, ‎but in separate directions from us. 

Do we HAVE to play at Ménage?

Absolutely not. You do what you’re comfortable doing. Voyeurism and Exhibitionism are both big turn-ons for a lot of people. Go only as far as you want to go.

Can you provide introductions to someone we're interested in?

We won’t give out contact information. But if you’re both at the party, we’re happy to break the ice.

How do we tastefully tell a couple that we are not interested?

How do you handle a situation where a couple is showing interest in playing with you, but for whatever reasons, there is no attraction or interest in getting together? (Perhaps you like this couple socially, but not as prospective play partners.)

Not everyone is attracted to everyone else. It should always be stated with kindness, concern and without sounding like rejection. Follow your instincts, use common sense and be sensitive. Everyone is afraid of hurting another’s feelings. A simple “no thank you” can go a long way. There doesn’t have to be an explanation for who is attracted to whom. A polite, honest answer is the best. There is usually no need to get into details of why. We’re all adults, and everyone in the Lifestyle has been in this position and wants the same thing: to be treated respectfully, honestly and tactfully. Honesty is, after all, a big part of this lifestyle; honesty between partners and among each other. If you are not interested, just tell them.

What if we run into someone we know outside the Lifestyle?

Everyone has this concern, and some forget that if you see them there, they see you there too. Smile, acknowledge each other, and if you choose to strike up a conversation, do so! You may very well become even better friends!