Ménage is located in an upscale suburban neighbourhood in NW Calgary, close to major transportation arteries and easy to get to.

You’ll receive the exact location when you confirm attendance at an event or book a rental.

Attire & Behaviour

Because of our location, we ask everyone to be respectful of the community: dress modestly and/or cover up when arriving and leaving events, keep noise, talk and horseplay to an absolute minimum after dark.


There are nearby parking areas from which a short cab ride is convenient. You’ll receive the address when you confirm attendance. There is no parking available onsite. We encourage Members to cab, carpool or shuttle.


Ménage is a non-smoking facility. If you must smoke, please do so outside, up the stairs in the yard and away from the main entrance.

Vaping is likewise not permitted inside. Please feel free to use the smoking area.