Parties & Special Events


Ménage hosts 1-2 parties per month, some themed and some not. Parties are BYOB, and your tickets include all the Ménage amenities, tantalizing midnight hors d’oeuvres cooked on site, all standard drink mixes, and naughty supplies in case the mood strikes.

Get vetted using this form for more information, or via the Get Invited  widget to the right.

Special Events

Who wants more sex?

Several times a year, there’s a reason to hold even bigger, even sexier, even MORE parties. New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and Christmas are all HUGE reasons to get your sexy on. Join us for those special events in addition to our regular parties. Get vetted using this link for more information, or via the Get Invitied widget to the right.


Still Ménage, but darker.

We’ve created a night for not just the dabblers and curious, but the practicing and masters in their particular fetishes. Noir is unplugged, unfiltered and unapologetic.

Because of the nature of Noir events, you must have either been a prior attendee at any Ménage event, or have a Fet profile. Please indicate your profile name in the Notes field of your ticket order. Attendees are all accompanied or partnered, and are responsible for each other’s behaviour. You arrive together and leave together.

RACK and PRICK apply. If you don’t know what those stand for, this is not the event for you.