BDSM, Sensation, & Guided Play

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When you’re ready to go further, select a  guided scene alone or with your partner – one designed to broaden your interests, expand your awareness, and add to your toolbox!

Begin to acquire the physical and psychological skills to fulfill your sensation play and BDSM fantasies safely, whether they include bondage or other kinds of sensory excitement.

Our resident Dom is in service to you as you navigate your erotic landscapes and run energy together.  We can also provide a safe space in which to work through challenges that may get in the way of conscious, successful, intimate, erotic BDSM or sensory explorations.

When you reserve your time, you’ll get exclusive access and dedicated time. Our administrators will review and contact you to coordinate details. Cost is per hour. In order to properly serve you and provide a complete experience, this booking requires a minimum of 2 hours.